Message from the Research Center

Our hope on drug discovery

Our purpose is to visualize invisible changes, using radioactivity discovered by the Curies and to deliver as many radiopharmaceuticals as possible as solutions for patients.
Disease is a familiar problem that anyone can suffer at any time.
Even now, even though science has made many advances, there is still much that remains unknown about the human body. Research on pharmaceuticals is worthwhile though challenging because we can set clear targets.

When we do not feel well, everyone would think first of all "Where in my body is wrong and what is causing it?" or "What is the name of my disease?"
We hope to provide diagnostics (radiopharmaceuticals) to swiftly answer patients' questions and show them clear images to promptly identify the appropriate areas of focus in the patient's body.

Radioactivity (radiopharmaceuticals) can realize such desires.
Just as a firefly fluttering in the darkness can be seen because of its light, radioactivity will enlighten the focus area that could be located deep in the body.

We hope to develop as many radiopharmaceuticals as possible using the radioactivity that the Curies discovered 100 years ago, reinventing them for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Overview of the Research Center

Site area
Total floor area
1,940m2 (4 floors above ground)
Usage zones
Office zone, R&D zone, service facility zone
Chemical laboratory, biochemical laboratory, pathology laboratory, cell laboratory, animal experiment laboratory
NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer), mass spectrograph, ICP optical emission spectrometry, high-performance liquid chromatography, PET camera for animals, SPECT/CT camera, radiography, autoradiography, others

Outside view