MR (medical representative) activities

To ensure the appropriate and wide use of pharmaceutical products the MR visits medical institutions around the country to swiftly provide accurate information about our drugs. The MR also collects information about the efficacy safety and side effects of drugs after actual administration.

For this purpose Nihon Medi-Physics regularly conducts training for MRs so they can expand their knowledge of general medical fields not only specific knowledge about nuclear medicine. In addition we ensure that they are always aware of offering pharmaceutical information on behalf of our company to conduct fair business activities with observing the Fair Competition Code and JPMA Promotion Code for Prescription Drugs*.

  • *JPMA Promotion Code for Prescription Drugs: Established in 1993 to define the code of conducts to be observed by pharmaceutical companies. Member companies of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) are obligated to conduct their promotion activities for prescription drugs according to this code.