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Responding to medical needs

Radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine procedure of Nihon Medi-Physics can visualize the distribution of drugs administered to a living body by taking images. Our products contribute to the discovery of diseases, judgment of organic functioning, and more accurate diagnosis.

We also have developed our experiences and know-how in the diagnostic field to materialize new possibilities of nuclear medicine through the new products for brachytherapy of prostate cancer.

Nihon Medi-Physics is preparing a wide variety of products corresponding to different types of medical care.

Products for the diagnostic field

Radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine procedures

We are preparing and supplying products that meet various purposes such as tests of the brain heart and malignant tumors to over 1200 medical institutions in Japan.

Products for the therapy field

I-125 radioactive seed (specially controlled medical device)

Specially controlled medical device for brachytherapy using radioisotope iodine-125. This therapy can reduce treatment time, side effects and aftereffects compared to conventional surgery such that we want to further spread this therapy for improving quality of life for patients in cooperation with medical institutions.