Maximize the value of nuclear medicine and strive to resolve medical issues

Nihon Medi-Physics aims to consistently provide new value to medical sites under our corporate mission "to serve people's health and welfare through our business operations in the healthcare field and to contribute to a better and happier society." As a leading company in the specific area of radiological applications in the medical field we believe that our commitment is to further develop and serve our techniques and know-how accumulated since our founding for both current and future medical treatments. In this endeavor we aim to maximize the value of nuclear medicine from various aspects including the development of new products and product lifecycle management of existing products.

In a recent medical study the function of specific biomolecules such as receptors and transporters in a living organism that cause various diseases is attracting attention. Thus "molecular imaging" to visualize the condition of such biomolecules has become an important field where the merits of nuclear medicine can be applied. Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals are also drawing attention as companion diagnostics which is an imaging biomarker that provides indicators for administering therapeutic drugs or selecting patients for new drug development.

Since the contribution of diagnostic information to treatments will become more important in the future nuclear medicine appears to have great potential. Nihon Medi-Physics will strive to solve medical problems by promoting collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies and academic fields to create synergistic effects.