As a leading company in the field of radiological applications in medical treatment Nihon Medi-Physics aims to offer our technical know-how and accumulated knowledge to progress the field of medical care while challenging the technical development of nuclear medicine through close collaboration with related academic and research institutes. Nihon Medi-Physics will contribute toward meeting unmet medical needs and solving various kinds of medical challenges by widely enhancing public awareness about the potentials and possibilities of nuclear medicine in Japan through the application of our technology.

Participation in "Future drug discovery and medical care innovation project"

The "Future drug discovery and medical care innovation project" is an industry-academia-government cooperative project to conduct innovative technical development for the next-generation pharmaceutical and medical fields. It was established in FY 2006 according to the national policy of "encouraging reinforcement of the system to create innovation" in cooperation with Hokkaido University and several private companies having high technological strengths in the pharmaceutical and advanced engineering fields. Nihon Medi-Physics participated in the project from FY 2009. As a leading company in the field of nuclear medicine in Japan we aim to pursue new possibilities in nuclear medicine and enhance public awareness on its clinical uses through collaborations with various academic and technical fields.

Measures in the dementia field

Nihon Medi-Physics aims to contribute toward improving the quality of life (QOL) of patients through earlier and more accurate diagnosis of dementia which is generating higher concern as a social problem. The DaTSCAN Injectable launched in January 2014 is a SPECT diagnostics for Evaluation of degeneration/loss of dopaminergic nerve cells recognized in Lewy body dementia and Parkinson’s disease. This drug is expected to contribute toward the improvement of diagnostic accuracy and decision-making of treatment policy in these diseases. In addition flutemetamol licensed from GE Healthcare in March 2014 is a PET diagnostics for visualizing beta amyloid accumulating in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Nihon Medi-Physics is planning to apply for its approval in Japan. We are also conducting research on SPECT diagnostics for visualizing beta amyloid.

Dispatching researchers to advanced research institutes

Nihon Medi-Physics dispatches researchers to sites outside our company to train them as specialists for future R&D activities. Specifically we sent a young researcher to the Department of Nuclear Medicine at University of Wuerzburg (Germany) as a guest scientist to conduct research in discovering new radiopharmaceutical drugs and elucidating onset/progress mechanisms of several diseases by using nuclear medicine. We hope he will obtain new ideas resulting in research achievements by using the opportunity for inspiration in an environment different from Japan including advanced overseas research institutes although many are initially puzzled with the differences in culture lifestyle and customs.