SPECT diagnostics are shipped from two manufacturing facilities in Chiba and Hyogo Prefectures and PET diagnostics having a shorter half-life of two hours are shipped from ten PET laboratories across the country.

Providing safety and stable operation day and night these production sites have established a mutual backup system to avoid negative effects on both medical institutions and patients even if troubles occur with the production sites or transportation networks caused by disaster or bad weather.

Since the supply areas for PET diagnostics produced in the PET laboratories are limited we are reinforcing our 10 PET laboratories across the country to ensure stable supply.

SPECT products shipping sites (2 sites): Chiba facility Hyogo facility. PET product shipping sites (10 sites): Sapporo laboratory Tohoku laboratory Kita-Kanto laboratory Tokyo laboratory Kanagawa laboratory Aichi laboratory Kyoto laboratory Kobe laboratory Okayama laboratory Fukuoka laboratory.